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4 pieces pack of DERMOfast SOAP 5XL ml sold in canned, discounted by 47%

Properties: Professional cleaning soap based on chlorhexidine and ready-to-use alcohol, cleanses and sanitizes hands instantly, is indicated for frequent use.

Applications: Especially suitable in all environments where maximum hygiene is required. It is recommended to use it to clean and sanitize the hands after contact with contaminated objects.

How to use: Pour the product over the wet hands, then evenly fry the palm and back of the hands for 30/45 sec. After applying the product it is necessary to rinse your hands preferably with warm water.

  • Soap with antibacterial/antimicrobial
  • Mechanical and chemical sanitizing action
  • With double sanitizing principle

Dermatologically Tested

Additional information

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 46 × 37 × 28 cm

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